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  • Date: 14/08/17
  • Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail

I received a puzzling email from a doctor last week. It was headed ‘Climate Change’ and warned: ‘Your paps needs a dementia screening soon.’ Because of climate change?

Not exactly. Juergen Messner — that was the sender’s name — was referring to an interview my father Nigel Lawson had just given to the BBC, in which he said there had been no increase in ‘extreme weather events’ and that we should stop panicking about climate change.

Dr Messner, a registrar in trauma and orthopaedic surgery at an NHS teaching facility in Yorkshire, seemed to think my 85-year-old father’s opinions indicated that he was losing his mind to dementia.
He isn’t, as it happens — but I emailed Dr Messner to ask if, as a bone rather than a brain specialist, he was qualified to diagnose dementia. He replied with the garbled: ‘Assessing mental capacity is part of most clinical doctors.’

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                        POLITICIZATION   OF  EPA  REPORT

From Politico via WUWT
Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt has expressed doubts about carbon dioxide’s role as a major driver of climate change. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
By EMILY HOLDEN                   Updated 08/12/2017 01:01 PM EDT
Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt said his staff will gauge the “accuracy” of a major federal science report that blames human activity for climate  change  just  days  after researchers voiced their fears to The New York Times that the Trump administration would alter or suppress its findings.
“Frankly  this  report ought to  be subjected to  peer-reviewed,  objective-reviewed  methodology  and evaluation,” Pruitt told a Texas radio show Thursday. “Science should not be politicized. Science is not something that should be just thrown about to try to dictate policy in Washington, D.C.”
Pruitt, who has expressed doubts about carbon dioxide’s role as a major driver of climate change, also dismissed the discussions in Washington about manmade carbon emissions, calling them “political.”
The report’s authors implemented the 132 pages of suggestions from the reviewers, and now the Trump administration has one last opportunity to review the document before publication. Agencies are supposed to sign off by Aug. 18 and send their comments to the authors.
“It’s a much more extensive process than a usual peer review, which does not typically come out as a paperback book,” said Bob Kopp, a lead report author and climate scientist at Rutgers University.

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Luxury Maine Geoengineering Climate Conference

Guest essay by Eric Worrall
One hundred scientists gathered late last month in a luxury ski resort in Maine to discuss Geoengineering.
ROBINSON MEYER  The Atlantic  AUG 7, 2017 
Eric neglects to mention that the Gordon Conference in Newry Maine offers no skiing and less luxury in July, or that being  100  miles inland, fantastic voyages on cloud  generating ships were not on offer either.

Sunday River Plantation was settled in 1781 by Benjamin Barker and his two brothers. But the settlement was plundered in 1782 by Indians and abandoned. On June 15, 1805  the Plantation was renamed by settlers that had come from Newry in what is now Northern Ireland.

Hay was the principal crop, and by 1870 the population was 416. Today, it has fallen to 329, but features Sunday River Ski Resort in the winter and great discounts for summer science retreats.

Newry is famed as the site of  a  fiery 1960 KC-97 Stratotanker crash  and a 2012 TV episode, 'Sins and Secrets: Newry', telling of  the  2003 serial murders at a local B&B  that was passed over by the Gordon Conference organizers as the former host is now serving four consecutive life sentences. He was a citizen of Newry, but OTOH, it still has the  finest kind of  pegmatite geology.

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                                       CLIMATE   WAR   TALKS


                                 HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE

Which brings me back to the current political situation. Right now progressives are feeling better than they expected to a few months ago: Donald Trump and his frenemies in Congress are accomplishing a lot less than they hoped, and their opponents feared. But that doesn’t change the reality that the axis of climate evil is now firmly in control of U.S. policy, and the world may never recover.

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                               TOO  HONEST  TO  IGNORE

                                                                           STEVE  DOWN UNDER


                                                                                                              EVERY  1%  HELPS

                                    IS  GREENLAND  BURNING ?

Having no trees to speak of, Greenland is not high on  the  list  of  nations suffering forest fires, but this summer has been hot & dry enough to dessicate arctic  peat  bogs  to the point of combustion. Since July 1st, several hundred thousand tonnes of carbon rich soil have burned:

The BBC reports:
"The only record I found is the MODIS active fire record. It's a satellite that measures the temperature of the surface and can locate hotspots from fire," said Dr Stef Lhermitte from Delft University in the Netherlands. 
"I think that fires have been there before but what's different is that this fire is big, in Greenlandic terms; that is unusual. It's the biggest one we have in the satellite record." 
Dr Lhermitte's analysis suggest that the satellite has detected more fires in 2017 alone in Greenland than in the 15 years it has been operating. A previous large outbreak was seen in 2015.
firesImage copyrightECMWF
Image captionEmissions of CO2 following fires in Greenland show a big spike this year

One key question about these fires is the the influence of a changing climate.
"This peat is less than 70km from the ice sheet. It's a little difficult to believe that it would be degraded already without increasing melting and higher temperatures," said Prof McCarty.
"But as a scientist we can't say it's definitely climate change until we've done the analysis after the fire."
Peat fires worry researchers because the material stores large amounts of CO2 that is released through burning. They are also worried that the "black carbon" soot arising from the fires could land on the ice sheet and cause further melting. 
Some rain is expected tomorrow which researchers hope will put the fire out. 
Prof McCarty added: "I work a lot in this field and no-one has ever thought of doing a fire study in Greenland, I can tell you!"

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"Make the best use of Scientific Research and information from our 700+ peer reviewed, Open Access Journals  that operates with the help of 50,000+ Editorial Board Members and esteemed reviewers and 1000+ Scientific associations ," LIKE:

Environment Pollution and Climate Change

Shifting Plates, Shifting Poles, Shifting Paradigms

Arthur Viterito*
College of Southern Maryland, 8730 Mitchell Road, La Plata, Maryland, USA
Received date: June 09, 2017;
Accepted date: June 14, 2017;
Published date: June 21, 2017


In a 2016 study I demonstrated that seismic activity along the globe’s mid-ocean ridges was highly correlated (0.785) with global temperatures from 1979 through 2015 [1].

An update through 2016 showed a strengthened correlation (0.814) along with the new knowledge that large upticks in mid-ocean seismic activity for 1995-1996 and 2013-2014 preceded the 1997-1998 and 2015-2016 “Super El Nino” episodes by two years [2]. 
Unfortunately, neither of these studies has received broad acceptance by the climate community as they challenge an accepted canon of climate science. Specifically, the idea that increased flux of oceanic geothermal heat (as indicated by increased seismic activity in these areas) can significantly alter temperature counters the hypothesis that increasing carbon dioxide has been the primary driver of recent global temperature change.
Despite the general “non-acceptance” of this hypothesis, a recent study by Williams [3] links a seemingly unrelated geophysical phenomenon to mid-ocean seismicity; thus a new paradigm may be emerging from this important association. Specifically, Williams shows that the speed at which the North Magnetic Dip Pole (NMDP) moves is highly correlated (r=0.935) with mid-ocean seismic activity (Figure 1)...

Guess who's the Editor of  
Environment Pollution and Climate Change ?

A Note on Contemporary Publication Ethics

Arthur Viterito*
College of Southern Maryland, 8730 Mitchell Road, La Plata, Maryland, USA
Corresponding Author:
Arthur Viterito
College of Southern Maryland
8730 Mitchell Road, La Plata, Maryland, United States
Tel: 301 934 7851
Received date: July 16, 2017; Accepted date: July 17, 2017; Published date: July 22, 2017
Citation: Viterito A (2017) A Note on Contemporary Publication Ethics. Environ Pollut Climate Change 1:e106. 10.4172/2573-458X.1000e106
Recently, this journal and I came under vicious attack by two blog sites that have fairly intolerant views on a number of environmental issues, the most notable of which is climate change. The first harsh critique was presented on a website titled...and Then There’s Physics [1]. In a May 17, 2017 posting (https://andthentheresphysics.wordpress. com/2017/05/17/seems-omics-international-will-publish-anything/), a paper published by Environment Pollution and Climate Change (EPCC) was irreverently dismissed because it questioned the nature of the atmospheric greenhouse effect. The (anonymous) author scornfully declares:
…it seems unlikely that the extremely low carbon-dioxide concentration of 0.04 percent is able to co-warm the entire atmosphere to a perceptible extent.
And an argument from incredulity to end. Brilliant! I suspect I don’t really need to say anything more. I’ve never published anything in an OMICS International journal (at least, I don’t think I have) and, after this, I certainly don’t have any intention of starting now.
The discussion went on to criticize EPCC’s publication fees as if they were unique and/or excessive. However, the author fails to disclose that publication fees are ubiquitous in the realm of academic publishing, and that many “top tier” journals have fee structures that are significantly higher that EPCC’s fees. 
Another concern raised by the author had to do with EPCC’s turnaround times on publication submissions. The author harshly criticized EPCC’s “rapid” turnaround time, yet failed to mention that most top-tier journals currently offer expedited peer review. By way of comparison, EPCC’s turnaround times are on a par with expedited reviews for the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Journal of Climate, and Geophysical Research Letters, among others.
Shortly after this post appeared, a more vitriolic campaign was launched by a dogmatic website known as DeSmog Blog. This Britishbased site has brutally attacked a number of climate “skeptics” in the past, many of whom have had long and distinguished careers in the climate/environmental sciences [2]. The list includes such luminaries as John Coleman (founder of the Weather Channel), William Happer (endowed professor of physics at Princeton University), Jay Lehr (Executive Director of the National Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers), Patrick Michaels (former president of the American Association of State Climatologists), S. Fred Singer (founder of the satellite services branch of the National Weather Service) and Richard Lindzen (endowed professor of meteorology at MIT).
In an article titled “Editor of New ‘Sham Journal’ Is Climate Science Denier with Ties to Heartland Institute” DeSmog Blog’s journalist, Graham Readfearn, attacked me, the Heartland Institute, and EPCC [3]. He boldly declared that some of the papers published in EPCC were “garbage and ridiculous.” He founded his assertion on the fact that we have (to date) published “six papers claiming to refute the science linking human activity to dangerous climate change — claims that run counter to the conclusions of all the world’s major science academies.” In other words, if you buck the established line of thinking on anthropogenic global warming, DeSmog Blog will smear you as best it can...
OMICS '4th International Conference On Climate Change' presently  has no speakers, and Environment Pollution and Climate Change's publisher faces charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission alleging OMICS engages in deceptive marketing by claiming their journals follow rigorous peer review standards and have high “impact factors” 
OMICS also organizes hundreds of “conferences.”  but despite its claims, the World Meteorological Organization and the European Environment Agency said they were not involved in its "4th World Conference on Climate Change”. One organized by a group of climate science deniers who claim to be investigating climate scientists for “fraud.” Which by the way , is what one of Viteribo's "luminaries", Heartland Science Director Jay Lehr, was convicted of,  and went to Federal prison for, after falsely billling EPA for $100,000 in 1991.
OMICS journals operate on an “open access” system where articles are publicly available, but academics have to pay for their work to appear in them. Two scientists listed as editorial board members at Environment Pollution and Climate Change told DeSmog Blog they had not been aware of the nature of the climate articles being published at the journal.

One UK govenment scientist, environmental economist, Manolis Tyllianakis, said OMICS published an “acceptance letter,” purporting to be from Tyllianakis saying he accepted their offer to join the editorial board of the “prestigious journal.” despite his not having read, written, or reviewed any articles.

"Our story began in 1958 when Charles County Junior College is established with evening classes at La Plata High School, and the first scholarship is awarded by the Women’s Club of Southern Maryland.On July 1, 2000, the college officially became the College of Southern Maryland (CSM)"

CSM  offers no classes in atmospheric science.

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The Effects of the Bray Climate and Solar Cycle

" We call the warm period from 8000 BC to 3500BC the Holocene Climatic Optimum and the cooling period from 3500 BC to the end of the Little Ice Age (LIA) in the late 19th century the Neoglacial. "


Ex-Harvard string theorist Lubos Motl may not be Vanity Fair's cup of tea, but he has for once beaten South Park  to the iconic punch:

James Damore deserves $100 million as a compensation from Google

His observations about the stifling PC culture may be necessary for reforms that Google needs to survive
Updates: "$1 million in bonuses" was changed to "$100 million as a compensation" after Damore was "fired" by a Mr Kunda Píčawhom I have never heard of; Damore plans to sue Google; he had previously complained to NLRB and wants to argue that his dismissal was a revenge which would be illegal. See a Damore's defiant answer to Reuters.

Donations up to $60,000 to JD. I haven't verified that website.
Recently, James Damore (here's where I learned his name) has studied towards his PhD in systems biology from Harvard but just like some other young men with numerous talents, this 23- or 28-year-old Gentleman immediately went to Google (in 2013, Damore's team won a computational challenge to evacuate a big citymore awards; he's been at Google since 2013) and became a Level 5 Senior Engineer – a position somewhere in the middle of Google's corporate hierarchy – focusing on the infrastructure of the search engine.

(I decided that a photograph of James isn't needed. Imagine a picture of Mark Zuckerberg's twin brother over here.)

Last week, he wrote an e-mail to some internal list of recipients at Google which was both relevant for the future of the company as well as related to the topic of his PhD program that he had previously undergone from a university that isn't quite unknown, ;-) either to me or to the world.

The full text of his 10-page-long essay, Google's Ideological Echo Chamber, may be found at Gizmodo (along with some less valuable appendices) if you click at the link in this sentence. See the original 10-page Damore's PDF file with charts and references; or a special website of the memo. The stifling atmosphere of political correctness has largely conquered Google, Damore argues, and people who just suggest that they would prefer a more serious discussion about the actual causes of the gender gap in STEM fields are immediately demonized, threatened, and silenced. 

Amazingly, WIRED  seems to be on the case as well=--=--=- 

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Bono pays homage to the Former Next  Imperial Planetologist
Al Gore’s Pivot to Idiocy

Millionaire climate activist practices his own form of denial

"MTV AND AL GORE BOTH GAINED TRACTION IN THE EIGHTIES, achieved cultural saturation in the nineties, and have been fighting for relevance since. They made a coquettish couple at MTV’s “Inconvenient Special” with Al Gore, two ailing brands negotiating the foibles of the digital era, courting each other like divorcees on a Tinder date.

The event had been billed as a town hall, an opportunity I wanted to use to grill the Vice President on how to combat the corporate executives pouring billions of dollars into our eroding democracy. In fact, the MTV special would turn out to be nothing more than a promotional stunt for Gore’s new film An Inconvenient Sequel, ..,

A dutiful member of the studio audience, I clapped when asked to clap and laughed when asked to laugh, but I admit I was sceptical... we had been treated to a pre-screening of Gore’s sequel, which I found to be turgid and tone deaf. It begins, more or less, with Gore in 1998 heroically unveiling the Deep Space Climate Observatory, nicknamed GoreSat... that Gore chose a satellite stripped of its climatic functions for an emotional peak in his narrative is indicative of the soullessness to come in the rest of the film... the only thing about the sequel to suggest that it is no longer 2006, when the first instalment in the “Inconvenient” franchise came out, is that Gore now uses hashtags. 
“#BeInconvenient,” the final frames of the film implore. 
“#BeInconvenient,” our MTV moderator chirped. 
“#BeInconvenient,” the sage Gore counseled.

But who were we supposed to be inconveniencing?...

 In An Inconvenient Sequel, the universes of technocratic politics and comic books converge—Gore plays a superhero without a villain...Instead the bulk of the film’s action occurs in Paris during the 21st Conference of the Parties. 

This is Gore’s arena, where he can shine as envoy and entrepreneur, dealmaker and democrat, without too much, well, inconvenience.

“I’ve got an Indian problem,” Al Gore quips into the phone... Never mind that Gore just compared the modernization struggles of the globe’s largest democracy to the genocidal mania of manifest destiny—he’s on a mission. India threatens to scuttle the whole international climate deal because it demands wanton fossil fuel use, much like that the United States enjoyed during its own industrial period. But not on Gore’s watch. Not while he has the full force of Silicon Valley on speed dial.

Less Sorkin-esque than Monty Python-like, Gore seemingly leaves voicemails for every misbegotten billionaire he has ever bumped into. Finally—“Elon suggested I call,” he mumbles to, for some reason, Larry Summers, and we know that the day must be saved. Gore has hatched an irresistible scheme to entice Musk’s SolarCity to come to his aid. 

Gift India the intellectual property of your latest solar-panel-techno-mumbo-jumbo, Gore advises SolarCity’s CEO, and in exchange revel in the ovations of heads of state, who will deem you the “corporate hero of Paris.” And with this union of SolarCity, a benign billionaire benefactor, and Al Gore—the man who saved the Paris Agreement—the film climaxes. Here’s the thing though: India’s Energy Minister suggests his government’s deal with the clean-tech firm is a fiction..."

                               THERE  GOES  THE  SUN

Of all the dubious climate change metrics  bombastic  climate communicators  have unleashed,  few can  compete  with the effort to convert  thermal infrared radiative forcing out of bland watts  per  square  meter, and back  into  good  old-fashioned scary A-Bombs:

But a  climabombametric  crisis  will  arise on August 21st, as America's  lower  48  states  are  cut  in  half  by  the  moon's moving shadow, when a total eclipse of the sun takes a ninety mile bite out of solar radiative forcing input at its source.

Readers  are invited to do the math and report  elsewhere on how they translate their   calculations of how many A-Bomb's worth of  CO2  forcing  posterity  will  be  deprived  of by this inconvenient  phenomenon, into the  decidedly  non-SI gigahiroshima units  in which the polemically  ubiquitous  SKS bombometer is calbrated.


Long before biochar, counterrevolutionary comrades were turning cellulose nitrate into rock music records.

“Today, music is almost valueless. You just go on Spotify and get it,” writes Stephen Coates, in The New Statesman “But remember: there was a time, when the only way to get the music you loved was an X-ray.”
The story of how Coates came across “X-ray music” started in 2012. Coates – the lead singer in jazz band The Real Tuesday Weld – was strolling around a flea market in Saint Petersburg, when he spotted a curious, record-shaped X-ray film. Asking the shopkeeper what is was got no answer; Coates decided to buy it anyway.
Back in London, he tried it on his record player. “It was obviously an X-ray, but also a record. I played it and I found out it was a 78 RPM: it was 'Rock around the Clock',” Coates tells me. “I obviously decided to find out more about this.”
It transpires that until the Soviet Union legalized civilian tape recorders in 1964, the only way to copy  state-unapproved music was  on discs cut from discarded hospital x-rays on a home-made horizontal lathe- 
“Stalin didn't like anything that made people dance,” Coates explains. “The only music that was allowed were classic composers, or simple folk tunes, whose words were all about how great socialism was.”
Any other vinyl recording was prohibited on the grounds that it was bourgeois, western, or otherwise dangerous stuff. Jazz and US-made rock ’n’ roll obviously faced the ban, but so did...Vadim Kozin, a popular tenor who was sent to a concentration camp for refusing to sing about Stalin. .. “ X-ray film is soft enough to be recorded on, but strong enough to hold the groove,” he explains. “It was also very easy to find: Russian hospitals had to get rid of their X-rays within one year because they were flammable, back then.”
Bogoslowsky teamed up with some friends to create the “Golden Dog Gang”: a bootlegger outfit able to get hold of smuggled vinyls and churn out tens of copies of “bone” records.
The records acquired the nickname of “ryobra”— Russian for “ribs”: a consequence of the Soviet Union’s tuberculosis epidemic, which resulted in a glut of chest X-ray recordings.
That didn’t prevent the government from jailing rib-makers ... and labelling them as “soul-thieves”.